Welcome to the internationally renowned Homage de Fromage


bg_torsoeHomage de Fromage is a monthly cheese club dedicated to celebrating the wonderful taste and rich variety of British Cheeses.

Each month we take a tasteful wander through a selection cheeses chosen to represent a different region of the UK. The evenings take place at The Lamb Public House, Brighton Road, Surbiton which serves a fine selection of cheeses throughout the week

There are a lot more related activities up and coming, please visit the Seething Website for details about the Seething Talcum Colliery Band and the Seething Ale Voice Choir, Kings Soup, Surbiton Ski Sunday and plenty more read more

cheese-platterThe Homage de Fromage evenings are open to anyone to attend but it is wise to book in advance as tables are keenly sought after.
Importantly the evening is not just about tasting cheese – it is also about creating cheese inspired art. On this website you will be able to see some examples of the fun to be had once the intoxicating affect of great British Cheese has run its course.


Homage de Fromage takes place randomly, any dates will be announced a month before the event. Together with the date, we will inform you about the way to reserve.

See you at one of the many Seething events

Lord Scroley